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Today is the big day. At 08 ‘o clock the first students came to the hotel to deliver their case movies. For us it’s rush hour to bring together all these films in one big show. We managed just in time and went for visiting the exhibition at the school. Students did a great job putting all the banners and prototypes together in an outdoor exhibition. Together with two representatives of industries we judged all the work using the criteria story power, innovation power and social power. The big moment was there. Twenty-three touching movies showed a variety of social innovations with great potential. Proud. You could really feel the energy and the engagement of young designers.

Rajni Kumar and the Chairman, Madam Sucharita, spoke with warm feelings about the special effects such a designweek has on students, teachers and staff. How important it is to have these kind of experiences as a student and how special the involvement of the industry is. René spoke about the multiple roles and responsibilities designers have to take up in our challenging world. What skills do they need and how can education develop these? Also he made a call to the school and industry to take up the challenge to develop the most exciting ideas into application.

After all these words finally the outcome of the jury. We awarded 3 groups. Their ideas about recycling wastewater from the leather industry, a replacement for plastic shopping bags by recycling textile and an idea to make our cities safer by new technology are convincing and very well presented. One project, which combined recycling waste materials with food for the poor, was awarded as the project with the highest social potential. What an idea!

Then we dived into Holy Holy dancing before leaving for Amritsar. What a special week it was, yet again!

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