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2018 DAY FIVE: Preparing for final presentation

Day five we gave the students time to work on their projects. We started with a talk and workshop with the teachers to share our views on the development of the design week. But moreover we exchanged our views on educating the young designers of tomorrow. How do changes in the world outside affect our role as a teacher? What skills do we have to develop so that the young creatives of today can become our responsible designers of tomorrow? How do we do this in teaching practice? What does this imply for our teaching methods? After the last briefing where we encouraged the students and teachers one more time we left shortly for a visit to an amazing industry: FCS cricket sports industry.

We felt the ‘people planet profit philosophy’ in every inch. What a great place to work and to visit. Thank you for showing us around. We went back to the school for some last support and now… we have to wait, see what comes up! All are working to their limits.

Whynot surprise!

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