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2017 Day six: Presentation Why not living the city

Well deadline day, so at 08:00 am students gathered in the lobby of our hotel to deliver their final one minutes movies. We prepared things to put them all together in one big presentation and managed just in time. At the campus students had installed all their project banners. It looks great. Around 10:00 am the moment was there, the presentation of the very first whynotcooperation project started. All 200 students, staff and guests were present.

20 personal statements flashed from the big screens; 20 dreams, visions, challenges that students developed and undertook for improving city life in Jalandhar. The public was touched by their energy and truly moved by their engaged content. A very big round off applause, a great compliment for all. After this the feedback that students gave us in short speeches and the review by Rajni Kumar warmed our hearts.

We pointed out three prizewinning projects, which we believe are outstanding for their content, research, storytelling, artwork and emotional value: What if robots are able to fit in with humans (3), Why not Solace (smile) for All (2), Why not Awareness of Education (1).

In the evening a dazzling fashion show concluded the design week and … of course the grand final was a last special whynotcooperation contribution.

What a week this was!

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