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2018 DAY FOUR: Prototyping, branding, industry feedback

Hustle and bustle at our hotel lobby at 8.30 am as groups are handing in their design presentations. We asked for one sheet showing the appearance of the design and the user context and a second sheet showing specifications and stakeholders. Some good developments and very promising ideas become visible. For each team we summarized precise feedback and feedforward, which we then shared in the plenary morningsession. What is strong? What is lacking? How to reach the max or making another step? We felt an exciting energy in the auditorium. Good professional vibes.

In the daily briefing we emphasized the role of prototyping, developing an identity and how to brand and communicate the design story. Looking for industry feedback and cooperation is another focus for making progress. With practical tips for the final deliverables and emphasis on team organisation we concluded the session. It’s now up to the teams to really go for it. A lot of work has still to be done. We are confident they can make it happen.

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