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2018 DAY THREE: Design exploration

At the start of the day each group pitched their three design scenarios (today, tomorrow, future) with three signboards. No talking just showing was the deal. We quickly reviewed the scenarios by using the criteria story power, innovation power and social power. Although the task to come up with three different scenarios appeared to be difficult for most teams we saw some interesting ideas coming up. We advised them on the direction they might develop their best idea or combination of ideas, but we also emphasized that it is up to the team to decide. After the pitch all signboards were planted in the courtyard so all could interact there and discuss each other’s propositions. Looks great. The task now is to develop one of the scenarios into an elaborate design proposal. What is the appearance of your product, event or service? How is it connected to users, context and industry? How will it work? Where is it made of? What do you need to make it happen? On these questions we interacted with all groups, challenging them to take things to the limit. Also the organization of the teamwork was emphasized. Who is doing what and when? Tomorrow morning each group will hand in their design proposal. Let’s push our creative minds into HOPPA!

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